1 tr. & intr. (often foll. by down) establish or become established in a more or less permanent abode or way of life.
2 intr. & tr. (often foll. by down) a cease or cause to cease from wandering, disturbance, movement, etc. b adopt a regular or secure style of life. c (foll. by to) apply oneself (to work, an activity, a way of life, etc.) (settled down to writing letters).
3 a intr. sit or come down to stay for some time. b tr. cause to do this.
4 tr. & intr. bring to or attain fixity, certainty, composure, or quietness.
5 tr. determine or decide or agree upon (shall we settle a date?).
6 tr. a resolve (a dispute etc.). b deal with (a matter) finally.
7 tr. terminate (a lawsuit) by mutual agreement.
8 intr. a (foll. by for) accept or agree to (esp. an alternative not one's first choice). b (foll. by on) decide on.
9 tr. (also absol.) pay (a debt, an account, etc.).
10 intr. (as settled adj.) not likely to change for a time (settled weather).
11 tr. a aid the digestion of (food). b remedy the disordered state of (nerves, the stomach, etc.).
12 tr. a colonize. b establish colonists in.
13 intr. subside; fall to the bottom or on to a surface (the foundations have settled; wait till the sediment settles; the dust will settle).
14 intr. (of a ship) begin to sink.
15 tr. get rid of the obstruction of (a person) by argument or conflict or killing.
Phrases and idioms:
settle one's affairs make any necessary arrangements (e.g. write a will) when death is near. settle a person's hash see HASH(1). settle in become established in a place. settle up
1 (also absol.) pay (an account, debt, etc.).
2 finally arrange (a matter).
settle with
1 pay all or part of an amount due to (a creditor).
2 get revenge on. settling day the fortnightly pay-day on the Stock Exchange.
settleable adj.
Etymology: OE setlan (as SETTLE(2)) f. Gmc
n. a bench with a high back and arms and often with a box fitted below the seat.
Etymology: OE setl place to sit f. Gmc

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